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our standard menu is made from scratch- with house baked biscuits and croissants, fresh eggs and the finest cheeses and ingredients.

our special menu items rotate weekly, stay tuned to our social media or visit us during our hours of operation to find out what's on the board this week.
A note about allergies:

Having catered for private parties for the last ten years, we are well versed in allergies and cross contamination.

Our baking is done in-house, so we have full control over ingredients. We do not use a griddle for cooking, we're a "fresh pan for every egg" type of cafe. We do not fry in peanut or soy oil, nor do we use sesame products.

We do intend to occasionally offer desserts that contain peanuts, hazelnuts, or pistachio (typically in the forms of mousse or fillings, that are clearly marked as such), and those fillings have a separate fridge and work space. The prep for those items will be done in the evening, after service, prior to clean up/break down. 

We are absolutely able to shift much of our menu for vegan and vegetarian guests.
If you have a question, please ask your server or our manager when you arrive.
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